Hair Wrapping / Hair Braiding

What is Hair Wrapping?

It is an Art Form where different coloured stands of wool or embroidery thread are woven into the Hair and a bead added in the end. Some people call it Hair Braiding but that is different than Wrapping as Braiding is plating the Hair close to the Scalp.


Where Can I get one?

You will find that most Hair Wrap Artists work where holiday makers go, as it is mainly a seasonal thing.


Things to avoid when getting a Hair Wrap

Never get your Hair Wrapped by someone who places a Hat on your head in order to create the Wrap, this is very unhygienic and can help to spread lice.

Don’t sit under anyone who starts moaning about other Hair Wrappers in the way of telling you not to get it done with them because they use cheap materials and it falls out etc, you will usually find it is because they are getting territorial and jealous, which leads to them making up lies to put people off going to the other Wrappers, it creates a toxic atmosphere and affects the harmony of the other workers around.

Make sure you only get your Hair Wraps done by  Hair Wrappers who wrap the thread/wool tightly or push up thread as they go, this will help the wrap to stay in.


What do I need to do if I want to become a Hair Wrapper?

Hair wrappers generally do not need a licence because they are providing a service as opposed to trading.

If you are Hair Wrapping out on a pavement or road or any public space etc. you do NOT need to buy a pitch, it is a public space, although you cannot expect to own a space you occupy, and you have no rights to tell others Street Artists/Hair Wrappers etc. that it is your terrioritory/pitch or turf.

You can use embroidery threads or wool to hair wrap, wool is used for chunkier wraps and it’s what is used quite a bit for dread lock wraps

So Get some good quality threads and wools and ask someone to teach you how to Hair Wrap.

If you would like to know more about the business of hair wrapping, watch this space!